David Hall,  Principal

Venturing into the construction realm in 1993, David Hall began his building career in Bend Oregon, drawing inspiration from his upbringing on a small farm west of Tumalo. His roots in Central Oregon have woven a tapestry of outdoor adventures—from horseback riding, skiing, and snowboarding to kayaking, mountain biking, and trail running—that have shaped his profound connection to the region’s landscapes.

Where Passion Meets Craftsmanship

Dave’s affinity for Central Oregon’s open spaces harmonizes seamlessly with his dedication to crafting stunning homes and outdoor living spaces that mirror the environment and resonate with his clients’ lifestyles. His love for the outdoors transcends into his work, creating living spaces that embrace and enhance the natural beauty surrounding them.

Building Relationships, Building Dreams

Thriving on personal connections, Dave forges strong bonds with his clients, becoming a trusted advisor not only in construction but also in curating the ultimate outdoor experiences each season brings. Clients rely on his expertise to enrich their lives, not just through homes but also by tapping into the outdoor wonders Central Oregon offers.

A Network of Excellence

Dave’s extensive roots in Central Oregon empower him to handpick top-tier professionals in the construction field. His adeptness in navigating the complexities of the building world ensures that every residential project is executed with confidence and precision, drawing on a network of trusted experts.

Legacy of Excellence

With over three decades devoted to high-end residential construction, Tumalo Dave boasts a wealth of hands-on experience across various disciplines, honed on prestigious projects in elite neighborhoods like WestGate, Pronghorn, Vandevert Ranch, and more. His commitment to professionalism, unwavering customer service, and meticulous attention to detail sets him apart.

Building Community, Building Quality

In 2014, David founded DH Builders Inc., driven by a commitment to enhance Central Oregon’s quality of life. As the industry grows and evolves, his resilience and established community connections allowed him to thrive, earning a reputation for excellence and integrity.

Sean McKinney

Sean McKinney,  Principal / Project Manager

Born and raised in the picturesque landscapes of Bend, Oregon, Sean McKinney embodies the essence of craftsmanship and expertise in high-end residential construction. With an innate passion for building and a lifetime of experience in the industry, Sean stands as a revered figure known for his hands-on approach and extensive knowledge across various phases of construction.

A Legacy of Craftsmanship

Sean’s journey in construction began early, shaped by the rugged beauty of Oregon and fueled by an insatiable curiosity to understand the intricacies of building. From mastering the art of foundation work to fine-tuning the details of architectural finishing, his hands have touched almost every aspect of high-end residential projects.

The ‘Google’ of Construction

Sean’s peers often humorously refer to him as “Google” for his seemingly boundless wealth of knowledge. His solid character and dedication to excellence are evident in every project he undertakes. Clients find assurance and trust in his expertise, knowing that Sean’s insights extend far beyond typical industry standards.

Expertise Beyond Compare

Whether it’s navigating the complexities of structural design, advising on material selection, or implementing sustainable building practices, Sean’s holistic understanding of construction sets him apart. His ability to seamlessly blend innovation with traditional craftsmanship ensures that each project bears the hallmark of quality and sophistication.

A Visionary in Action

Beyond being a master builder, Sean is a visionary. His keen eye for detail, coupled with an innate ability to foresee challenges, allows him to execute projects with precision and finesse. His dedication to delivering exceptional results has garnered him a reputation as a sought-after expert in the industry.

Building Dreams, One Project at a Time

For Sean McKinney, construction is not just about erecting structures; it’s about bringing dreams to life. His commitment to turning visions into reality, combined with his unwavering passion for craftsmanship, makes him a cornerstone in the realm of high-end residential construction.

Keemun Senff,  Project Manager / Musician

A life long Oregonian, Keemun Senff found his true home in Bend at the age of five. His journey into the world of high-end construction and painting started during his teenage years, shaping him into a maestro of residential finishes and the foundational elements of any project.

A Symphony of Expertise

Keemun’s canvas isn’t just limited to construction; it’s the intersection of artistry and precision. His mastery extends from fine residential finishes, sculpting the soul of luxurious spaces, to understanding the core architectural elements that breathe life into every project.

Crafting with Rhythm

Beyond the construction realm, Keemun is a virtuoso musician and a skilled trumpet player. His passion for music infuses his work, bringing a sense of rhythm and harmony to every project he undertakes.

Maestro of Organization & Communication

Keemun’s hallmark isn’t just his craft; it’s his organizational finesse and exceptional communication skills. He orchestrates projects with meticulous planning, ensuring every detail harmonizes seamlessly, while his adeptness in communication keeps clients in sync with every stage of the process.

Fine-Tuned Excellence

With an extensive background in high-end residential finishes and a deep understanding of a project’s structural core, Keemun delivers excellence that resonates. His commitment to precision and artistry sets the stage for projects that transcend the ordinary.

Creating Masterpieces, Building Dreams

For Keemun Senff, construction isn’t just about erecting structures; it’s about composing symphonies of beauty and functionality. His dedication to crafting spaces that reflect the client’s vision is evident in every stroke of his craftsmanship.